Code : CA02-A7 30 h - Terms 1, 2 & 3
Paris, London & Madrid Campus
@p Professor: Pascale DELVAILLE, -


This advanced financial accounting course, follows-on from the "Financial Accounting-Basic Principles" course given in the first semester. As for the Basic Principles course, this course is open to students who wish to study the subject in the English language. It is a compulsory elective of the major “Financial Reporting and Audit”. It is useful for those who wish to prepare for the CFA exams, especially the “Financial Statement Analysis” area.


The course is designed primarily to expand on the subjects studied in the Basic Principles course, in particular:

- The concepts of group accounts and the techniques of consolidations.

- The analysis of financial statements and the concepts of cash-flows.

- The interpretation of financial information published by groups (accounting policies, notes to the financial statements, disclosures, etc.).

- Corporate Governance Issues.


The study of Group Financial Statements enables students to cover a wide range of technical issues, not just the mechanics of preparing the consolidated accounts. The course provides the basics on IFRS reporting, deferred taxation, cash flow statements, financial analysis, and corporate governance issues.